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Interpretation, translation, and editing services are offered in and between most languages. Our Consultant Interpreter works with a large network of consultants allowing us to cater to all needs, offering you a tailored service adapted to cross-cultural and international settings.


Simultaneous Interpreting in the Booth

Simultaneous Interpreting with: Bidule / Infoport

Remote Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting

Liaison Interpreting

Telephone Interpreting

Proofreading & Editing




Document translation

Adaptated for international markets

Sectors include: engineering, marketing, trade, environmentalism, technology, education, finance, legal, culture, literature

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« Tazara excelled in all our expectations. She was proficient, engaged and interested in our project and interacted socially where appropriate. All parties commented that she was delightful to work with. We were so very lucky to get her on such short notice. »


Laurie, “Groezinger Provisions”, Neptune City, NJ, United States (February 17, 2020)


“Aliqua id fugiat nostrud irure ex duis ea quis id quis ad et. Sunt qui esse pariatur duis deserunt mollit dolore cillum minim tempor enim. Elit aute irure tempor cupidatat incididunt sint deserunt.”

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